This original piece of art will be offered in the Blush Ball’s Silent Action.

"Olivia" by Devin DeWulf

“Olivia” by Devin DeWulf

“Olivia” oil on canvas, 2015 by Devin DeWulf. Value: $200

About the artist: I’m a self-taught folk artist. My first painting was made on a whim during a winter break from college – and over the years I have found pleasure and relaxation through painting.

Upon moving to New Orleans I found my artistic soul through art cars. A chance encounter in 2007 with Marigny artist Sue Ireland led me to create my first art-car, turning my little Toyota into “the redhead car”. Once every inch of that little car was covered, I moved on to painting on found objects such as old political signs, tables, and pieces of metal. In the years since, I have painted large-scale murals, trucks, and works on wood and canvas.

My favorite thing to do now is paint on canvas and then hand-sew beads and sequins unto the painting to create an interesting texture and depth to my folk-art.

I find inspiration in life in New Orleans, my travels, and my “real job” as a middle school history teacher.


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